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Ekar, The next-generation 1x13 gravel drivetrain. The world’s lightest gravel groupset: reliable, durable & fast so you can ride easy.

born on mt ekar

Just as Campagnolo’s ground-breaking first quick release lever can trace its origins to the Passo Croce D’Aune climb, the innovative new gravel-focused Ekar groupset was born on another cima local to today’s Campagnolo headquarters: Ekar.

With its asphalt giving way to tracks and trails, Ekar epitomises the special challenges of Italian gravel. But Mt Ekar’s influence goes beyond physicality; it represents the spirit of riding gravel, of adventure, and of freedom.


Thanks to a 9T sprocket, Ekar’s unique and innovative gravel-specific 1x13 drivetrain delivers a full range of gear ratios with smooth, natural gear progressions for the perfect cadence, whatever your speed, and whatever your style of gravel riding.

With four chainring options – 38, 40, 42 and 44T – and a choice of three cassettes – 9-36T, 9-42T and 10-44T – Ekar is ready for however you ride and wherever your adventures take you!


Ekar Ergopower controls

They’re the most comfortable shaped lever and hoods, with easily-adjusted reach size giving you precise, quick shifting and positive engagement – every time, at every speed, on every surface.

A new Lever 3 design means it’s easy and reliable to activate from the drops. Ekar Ergopower’s all-new surface is easy to grip and easy to clean, and there’s Campagnolo’s signature quick 3-gear up-shift with Ultra-Shift™.

More about Ekar Ergopower controls

Ekar C13 Chain

The new Nickel-Teflon treated C13 chain is designed specifically to work efficiently and securely with the narrow-wide 13-sprocket system.

Despite being our narrowest ever chain it’s also strong, light, durable and amazingly efficient.
The Ekar C13 chain comes in two options: Classic Pin and C-Link™ to suit every kind of gravel rider, the world over.

More about Ekar E13 Chain

Ekar Pro-Tech™ Bottom Bracket

The new Pro-Tech™ system: a gravel-orientated development from the innovative Campagnolo Ultra-Torque™ technology. Pro-Tech™’s two integrated semi-axles meet at a central Hirth joint where self-centring and self-aligning teeth create a positive, balanced drive, increase efficiency and save weight, while large BB bearings run smoothly inside the crank.

It’s all protected by a patented external sealing ring and strong fiberglass-polyamide tube that resist harmful ingress of water, mud and grit that threaten in the most challenging gravel routes.

More about Ekar ProTech™ Bottom Bracket

Ekar Derailleur

The Ekar rear derailleur’s all-new design has been created specifically for gravel. The highly effective 1x13-speed drivetrain has a full gearing range with short, evenly spaced shifts for well-maintained cadence levels, with the strong and durable yet lightweight and efficient derailleur at its heart.

The combination of more than 70 moving parts lovingly crafted in carbon fiber, carbon-reinforced polyamide and anodised 7075 and 6082 alloys – with stainless steel bolts – exceed the demands of all-road riding to combine quick, precise, reliable shifting with high chain security, and the toughness that only comes by being born on Mt Ekar.

More about Ekar Derailleur

Ekar Sprockets

13 sprockets make the logic of the 1x system possible. And what makes it work so perfectly for all-road riding, is our introduction of the 9-tooth cog. It means the wide range of gear ratios is not just possible, but that all the natural, progressive cadence-matching shifts create a uniquely satisfying ride.

With the new, lightweight and versatile N3W driver body and a 2-block design to combine steel strength and alloy weight-saving, the Ekar cassettes come with three gearing options – 9-36, 9-42 and 10-44.

More about Ekar Cassettes

Ekar Cranksets

The unidirectional carbon fiber cranks feature a strong, durable 630-grade steel alloy crank axle – following the maxim of smartly mating strength and light weight that is employed across the Ekar groupset. 

New ProTech™ technology joins the two semi-axles inside the bottom bracket, with a single, oversized bolt. Oversized stainless steel bearing sit on the crank, fixed on the semi-axles, for maximum smoothness and strength – and easily accessible for inspection and maintenance without the requirement to extract the cups.

Four ring options –38, 40, 42 and 44-teeth – combine with cassette options to ensure there’s a gear range perfect for every rider and every ride.

More about Ekar Cranksets

Ekar Rotors

Paired with Ekar's Ergopower controls, we shared the best technology of Campagnolo’s high-performance hydraulic system’s internals for the Ekar brakes – and fine-tuned them for gravel riding. Ekar's rotors are strong 1.85mm thick stainless tempered steel – staying straight and true long-term even under heavy and sustained braking.

A choice of 140 and 160mm diameter rotors are available, to suit your riding style, and offering an additional weight saving potential. With the same caliper and pads, the larger rotor produces greater stopping power thanks to increased heat dissipation over its larger surface area.

More about Ekar Brake Rotors

Caliper Ekar

As with Ekar's Ergopower controls, the other elements of its disc braking system are developments of proven Campagnolo designs – faithful to our philosophy of continuous improvement, high performance and Italian style.

The DB310 pads – also compatible with other Campagnolo disc brakes – have a unique organic compound that not only help produce high braking performance but also deliver improved wear resistance: important in the tough world of gravel riding and racing, in wet or dry conditions. 

More about Ekar Caliper

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Like the new Ekar gravel groupset, the Ekar Collection is born tough – flexible, durable and reliable, yet combining a classic aesthetic reflecting the heritage of Italian gravel-riding, with a next-generation technical twist.
Discover the Ekar Collection of riding apparel, luggage and more.


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